Secto Design by LAMPIONAIO Inc.

Greetings from London! Interior designer and architect Daniel Hopwood has used the Atto 5000 pendants by Secto Design in his recently completed West-London residence. Liking the way of mixing the different finishes & heights of the pendants a lot!


ウェストロンドンの住宅。ゆとりのあるダイニングスペースで、吊り高さを変えた仕上げの異なるセクトデザインのペンダント「アット(Atto 5000)」が素敵にアレンジされています。


Secto Design by LAMPIONAIO Inc.

Atto 5000 in West-London residence. design and photo by Daniel Hopwood.

Atto 5000 Secto Design

Atto 5000 pendant, Secto Design.

Secto Design by LAMPIONAIO Inc.

Design and Photo by Daniel Hopwood.